Ken’s Mart Own Brand Fresh Kimchi

Ken’s Mart Own Brand Fresh Kimchi

Recently, Ken’s mart has launched an own brand product! It’s called ‘Ken’s’. Today I will highlight our own brand product!

The first own brand is Fresh Kimchi! Kimchi is one of the best seller products in our shop. Kimchi is loved by many customers regardless of their origins and cultures. Once Fresh Kimchi is delivered, it sells very quickly!

Fresh Kimchi is also really good for keeping our customer healthy. For example, it can improve blood circulation, by inhibiting body fat accumulation, it is good for the skin as it contains a lot of Vitamin B, and also contains probiotics that are good for the intestine.

Ken’s fresh kimchi doesn’t let you down! It is produced in South Korea, it is produced by a trustworthy company which always makes quality products.

Once the kimchi is produced, it is exported and delivered quickly directly to Ken’s Mart, without using any intermediate distribution company than usual, so it is fresh and ready to be enjoyed. Finally Ken’s fresh kimchi has a vegan and halal certificate product, so it is good for all customers! 

This product is also available with online shopping with eco chilled bag, so let’s check it out!