Top 5 Tastiest Instant Noodles in NZ

The Ultimate Guide to the Top 3 Tastiest Instant Noodles in NZ

Are you a fan of quick and delicious meals? Look no further than instant noodles. In this ultimate guide, we'll explore the top 3 tastiest instant noodles available in NZ: Koka Noodles, Samyang Cup Noodles, and Prime Taste Crab Noodles. Whether you're a student, a busy professional, or just a noodle enthusiast, these options are sure to satisfy your cravings. You can find these fantastic instant noodles at Ken's Mart.

The Top 3 Tastiest Instant Noodles in NZ

Instant noodles have come a long way from being a basic dorm room staple. Today, you can find a wide variety of flavors and brands to suit your taste buds. Let's dive into the top 3 options that are making waves in NZ.


Koka Noodles - Classic and Delicious


  • Classic  Flavor

koka Noodles are known for their classic and delicious  flavor. They offer a comforting and familiar taste that's perfect for a quick and satisfying meal. The rich broth and springy noodles make this a favorite among noodle lovers.

  • Convenient and Quick

These noodles are not only tasty but also incredibly convenient. You can prepare a warm and satisfying bowl of Koka Noodles in just a few minutes. It's the ideal choice for busy days or when you need a quick meal.


Samyang Cup Noodles - Spicy Delight


  • Bold and Spicy

If you're a fan of spicy noodles, Samyang Cup Noodles are a must-try. They are known for their bold and fiery flavor that packs a spicy punch. If you love a bit of heat, you'll appreciate the zing these noodles deliver.

  • Easy on the Go

Samyang Cup Noodles are perfect for those on the go. The convenient cup packaging makes it easy to take these noodles with you to work or on an adventure. All you need is hot water, and you're in for a spicy delight.


Prime Taste Crab Noodles - Seafood Sensation


  • Rich Crab Flavor

Prime Taste Crab Noodles offer a unique seafood sensation. The rich crab flavor sets them apart from traditional options. If you're a seafood lover, these noodles are a treat for your taste buds.

  • A Gourmet Experience

These noodles provide a gourmet experience in an instant. The quality ingredients and exquisite taste make Prime Taste Crab Noodles an excellent choice when you want something a bit more special. 


1: Where can I purchase these instant noodles in NZ?

A: You can find these instant noodles, including koka noodles, Samyang Cup Noodles, and Prime Taste Crab Noodles, at Ken's Mart. Contact us or visit our store to explore these delicious options.

2: Are these noodles suitable for vegetarians?

A: While koka noodles and Prime Taste Crab Noodles contain meat-based flavors, Samyang Cup Noodles offers vegetarian options. Be sure to check the packaging for specific dietary information.

3: How do I prepare these instant noodles?

A: Each of these instant noodles comes with easy-to-follow preparation instructions on the packaging. Typically, you'll need to add hot water and let them cook for a few minutes.


In conclusion, these top 3 tastiest instant noodles in NZ are a delightful addition to your meal options. Whether you prefer the classic and delicious Koka Noodles, the spicy kick of Samyang Cup Noodles, or the seafood sensation of Prime Taste Crab Noodles, there's something for every palate. You can find these delicious instant noodles at Ken's Mart, your one-stop destination for satisfying your noodle cravings.

If you have any questions or are ready to embark on a flavorful journey with these instant noodles, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you discover the joys of quick and delicious meals.