We have a large variety of alcohol!

We have a large variety of alcohol!

There are a lot of popular products in our shop, so I will highlight some of the most popular ones today: “Korean Soju” and “Red horse beer”.


“Soju '' is the longest best-seller in South Korea, it is usually made from rice and grain. At Ken’s Mart, we provide 7 flavors of Soju: apple, peach, yogurt, grape,strawberry, apple-mango and citron. ( I will give more details on Soju in a later blog). 

“Red horse beer” is one of the most popular in Filipino. When we receive new stocks of Red horse beer, they sell really fast! If you are lucky, you can get a dozen packs at once in our shop.

Besides soju and red horse beer, we have Korean plum wine, Japanese sake, Korean Makgeolli, Japanese plum wine, beer, shochu,and chu hi.Our alcohol corner is at aisle 1 (next to the soft drink fridge),where you can find it easily. 

  We are sure you can find your next favourite alcohol in our shop! So let’s check it out!!


PS: Blog's Picture Products & Price may changed due to time flow