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Arizona Green Tea 500ml

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AriZona Green Tea 500ml is a refreshing and tasty green tea that is perfect for quenching thirst. This classic tea is brewed from carefully selected tea leaves and is then sweetened with natural sugar and added with a refreshing lemon flavour.

With AriZona Green Tea you can enjoy a delicious and healthy drink made from natural ingredients. It is suitable as an alternative to soda and other sugary drinks.

AriZona is a recognized beverage brand that has been providing quality beverages with exciting flavors since 1992. Their mission is to create refreshing and natural drinks without artificial additives. With their green tea, you get a tasty and healthy drink from a reliable brand.

This 500ml bottle is perfect for taking on the go, for a picnic or to enjoy at home. You can also use AriZona Green Tea as a base for a delicious iced tea or as an ingredient in cocktails and mocktails. There are many possibilities with this versatile tea.

So whether you are a fan of green tea or just love a refreshing drink, AriZona Green Tea 500ml is a good choice. Try it today and enjoy a delicious taste experience.

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