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Ken's Mart Asian Supermarket

Kikkoman Thick Teriyaki Sauce 2L

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Kikkoman Thick Teriyaki Sauce comes in a large 2L bottle, perfect for home cooks who love teriyaki flavor. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

  • Thick and Rich Texture: This teriyaki sauce is thicker than the regular Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce, offering a more substantial coating and richer mouthfeel for your food.
  • Sweet and Savory Flavor: It boasts a classic teriyaki flavor profile, balancing sweet notes (likely from ingredients like corn syrup and brown sugar) with a savory base of soy sauce and other seasonings.
  • Large Size, Bulk Buy: The 2L size is ideal for frequent teriyaki users. You can marinate, glaze, or baste your favorite meats, vegetables, or even drizzle it on top of dishes for a teriyaki kick.

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