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Samyang Jajang Buldak Black Bean Noodles 140g x 5pk

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Samyang Hot Chicken Jajang Buldak is a delicious stir-fried Buldak noodle with spicy Korean Jajang sauce, black bean sauce, and spicy Buldak sauce. The flavor and spiciness of jajang are enhanced by adding jajang powder soup to the liquid soup unique to Samyang Buldak sauce, and you can enjoy the taste of spicy jajangjang without feeling greasy.

Did you know that Samyang Hot Chicken Stir Fried Noodles (Buldak-bokkeummyeon) were first released in 2012, surpassed 3 billion units in cumulative sales 9 years after its release. The total length of the noodles sold so far is about 78 million km. That's 101 round trips between the Earth and the Moon? Pretty amazing!

Made in Korea

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